About Us

The Loja SKILL-SELL.NET store arose from our desire to offer products at competitive prices in a market so lacking in quality products and innovative ideas.

We invest heavily in researching suppliers that offer products with the best possible quality and always following trends, in addition to being always willing to listen to your opinion on how to improve our service.

Our greatest commitment is to customer satisfaction and that is why we use Mercado Pago , which is the largest payment platform in Brazil, and also other platforms, thus ensuring security and speed in transactions.

We are honored to be able to serve you, provide you with the best experience when purchasing and guarantee satisfaction.

Acting honestly and being transparent is our main differentiator.

We are always looking for a good relationship with our customers

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City of Volta Redonda-RJ

Rua 2, number 285 - Conforto

ZIP code: 27263-450